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March 4


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It’s the taste of cake mix on the spoon, that first time you ‘help’ bake a cake.
It’s seeing the bright world afresh after a dark nightmare, when you first wake.
It’s when you make them laugh and, in that moment, everyone loves a clown.
It’s when your heart stops before the roller coaster plummets down, down.
It’s when the lights go out before your favourite band plays and you scream.
It’s that moment you look around and everything’s perfect enough to be a dream.
It’s the anticipation of waiting for a new episode of your favourite television show.
It’s the first time you listen to your favourite record and you just sort of know.
It’s reading a book cover-to-cover and a million times more and still crying at the ending.
It’s the stiff, tight, real feeling of a smiling scab as you watch the wound mending.
It’s when you first meet your best friend and you hate each other (but in a good way).
It’s the butterflies you get when you hear that they like you (or so your pals say).
It’s the feeling of rain dancing down your cold skin and clinging to your sodden hair.
It’s when that brilliant idea comes to you and you grin madly, making everyone stare.
It’s how the sun bites into your skin and scratches at your eyes, but it’s still stunning.
It’s that one time you get in so much deep trouble you have to laugh and start running.
It’s the soft, warm reassurance of someone else’s skin caressing against your own.
It’s having fun with friends and then remembering them when you’re just alone.
It’s being full of crazy, fantastic emotions and not understanding how they feel.
It’s having that one dream over and over and over and waiting for it to become real.
And it’s everything in between.
A (failed) attempt at writing something vaguely meaningful. :)
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curlyhair5342 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist
So touching. 
CorporateRockWhore Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Skiyye Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Ugh. So frickin good. I've been away from my friends and family for 3 months now on an exchange in France and this just brings tears to my eyes. I miss them so much
CorporateRockWhore Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
flamingodancer123 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014
I love it.
CorporateRockWhore Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! :hug:
flamingodancer123 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014
You're welcome, and keep up the great work!!!
OfficialYGold Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is so amazing.. Thank you
CorporateRockWhore Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you :hug:
flameheart10 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014
Beautiful and lovely! Wonderful! :heart: Bunny Emoji-18 (Shower Love) [V1] 
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