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February 27


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Not every man is a sexist
Not every woman is a saint.
Not every white person is a racist;
You might think it’s so, but it ain’t.

Not every straight is a homophobe
Not every LGBT person is nice.
Not every rich person is a snob;
I won’t tell you twice.

Not every Muslim is a terrorist
Not every Christian is kind.
Not every cishet person is scum;
Please keep that in mind.

Not every human being is evil
Not every human being is good.
Can’t we all just try to get along;
I really think that we should.
Explanation (or: Ellie Goes on a Rant)

This is in reaction to quite a few, mostly internet-based, things that I've noticed recently. Just something that might be totally irrelevant, but I'm writing this as a seventeen-year-old girl who identifies herself as being bisexual (with a slight preference towards women). I'm going to break this down into the stanzas. Here we go:

Stanza One
Recently, I wrote a poem about feminism (I Need Feminism) and there was an overwhelming response that a lot of people thought I was blaming everything on every man - this isn't true. However, even more alarmingly, is the fact that some thought it was alright to blame men. It isn't; not at all. Not every man is sexist, just as not every woman isn't. As for the 'racist' line, I've come across a few instances where people have been accused of being racist just for being white - if you search the internet for such instances, you'll see it. Someone on here accused me of being a racist because I am apparently a 'privileged little white girl' and then they compared me to women who let the slave trade happen. Of course, I know that racism is a huge and absolutely vile problem, but it's the same as the 'Not every man is sexist' - not every person who is not a part of an ethnic minority is racist. That is an incorrect sweeping generalisation. 

Stanza Two
This is the stanza that I wrote first, at quarter past one this morning. My point here is that, especially on websites like tumblr, there is a lot of negativity attached to being straight; apparently, it automatically makes you homophobic. I've even seen cases where a straight person made a post about being an ally to LGBT people, but then got responses like 'we don't need your help - you don't understand' and 'don't make me laugh'. As mentioned up above, I myself am a bisexual and I think it's wrong to extend the prejudices that we face towards those trying to help us. With regards to the 'rich' line; apparently being rich or privileged automatically makes you a dickhead. I am not rich, but I know people who are and this, obviously, isn't the case.

Stanza Three
Something that pisses me off no end, is when small-minded, ignorant people accuse someone of being a terrorist or extremist just because they are Muslim. It happens and I've seen it and I think it's disgusting, just as with any act of racism. Christians in the media are often portrayed as being incapable of doing wrong, which also isn't the case. Of course, I have a lot of Christian friends and I love them all dearly; my point here is that being a Christian, or any other religion, does not make you a good (or bad) person (just in case you are wondering, I am agnostic). 

This 'cishet' thing is something that I feel (possibly a bit too) strongly about. Obviously, I know that homophobia and transphobia are  massive problems; I'm bisexual, of course I know that. But do you know what's not okay? Making fun of anyone for their sexual identity or orientation and this, believe it or not, extends to people who are heterosexual and/or cisgender (someone who identifies themselves as the gender that matches the sex they were assigned at birth). If you go onto tumblr and search the tag 'cis' or 'cishet' or 'cisscum', you will stumble upon an unbelievable shit storm. On that website, the word 'cis' or 'cishet' is usually followed by the word 'scum' and then 'die'. Clearly, transphobia and homophobia are much bigger problems in the world, but that does not make it okay to bully and to tell people to die just because they don't face the same social adversity that you do. 

Stanza Four
Well, this stanza is exactly what it says on the tin.

Long story short, it is never okay to discriminate or be prejudiced against or to bully someone, even if they are a part of a majority. It's never okay to judge someone based on something that they are unable to control (i.e. gender) or on things like their religion. Judge someone based on whether they're an asshole or not. Being part of a minority does not make someone exempt from being a bully. Being part of a majority does not automatically make someone evil. Being part of a minority does not automatically make someone evil. Being part of a majority does not make it okay to bully someone. BULLYING AND DISCRIMINATION ARE NEVER OKAY. 
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Dartmaul15 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
Or as i like to sum it up "i don't care if you're a man or a woman, white or black, gay or straight... if you behave like a dick, you're a dick. If you behave like a good guy you're a good guy. Because we're all individuals, and the individual can not be categorized and generalized. That would remove its ability to be an individual".

Just... kinda strange how a lot of your literature conflict. So, are you a feminist or an equalist? (please look up the definitions before answering, and both is not an option).
CorporateRockWhore Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, I wrote this poem ages ago. My views have changed since then, and I am a lot more aware of social situations, not just in the UK but globally. I agree with the statement you quoted, but it is wrong for someone to focus on their defence (eg, 'but not all white people') instead of dealing with the issue, (eg, racism).

I am absolutely and resolutely a feminist. Or, as someone commented on my piece 'Yes Every' (which is actually intended as a more informed reply to this earlier piece) I believe in equity. For example, if you have two people trying to see over a fence, and one is tall enough to see but the other is too short. You have two boxes for them to stand on; equality dictates you should give them a box each, even if the short person needs both boxes to be able to see, and the tall person can see already. Equity dictates that both boxes should go to the short person, so that both people can see over the fence together. And I believe in this principle, which is why I am a feminist.
Dartmaul15 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
No, that's not per definiton feminism. That is equalism.
There was a reason i told you to look up the definitons of them XD
Feminism deals with women's problems, while equalism works on the whole spectrum.

Either way, you gave me the answer i was interrested in. Feel free to call yourself "feminist", but jusging by your response i do beleive "equalist" is more covering ^^
Because you want to solve all problems, not just women's problems or the problems of one side of the demography.
CorporateRockWhore Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Can't I just be both? Because surely feminism is part of equalism?
Dartmaul15 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
Not it can't. Because while equalism is incluse, feminism is exlusive. It's like if A like both A and B, but B only like B.
So because B does not like A, it's impossible for A to form a working relation with B.
It's like being a football fan vs being a liverpool fan. A football fan may cheer for liverpool AND manchester united, but a liverpool fan wil only cheer for liverpool.
See the problem?

But now we're being technical, aren't we? what matter is your intentions
And sadly it's a touchy topic, so proclaiming yourself to be a feminist is like putting yourself in the middle of a warzone.
Briannabater Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Professional Photographer
None of that is wrong.  All of it is both self-evident and oddly worth saying. 

However, is the most important thing to say about racism that "not every white person is a racist"?

Because, really, it doesn't matter.

Every white person in the US is the recipient of enormous privilege just because they're white.  They don't have to be part of the KKK for that to be true, it's just a structural truth in our society. 

I'm white and I get enormous privileges because of that truth and we should work together to erase that advantage and make things more fair for everyone. 
CorporateRockWhore Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Ah, right - I'd totally forgotten about this poem and I completely agree with you. I wrote this at the start of the year and I like to think that I am more aware of social issues right now than I was back then (even of issues in America, although I live in England - largely thanks to my spending more time on websites like tumblr and paying more attention to global news) and I know now that it doesn't matter; not every white person is racist, but every person of colour will experience racism, because it is institutionalised and woven into the fabrics of history - and it needs to be fought and beaten. 
Briannabater Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  Professional Photographer
Very well-put.
kat1004 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014  Student Filmographer
Finally. I love people like you, people who understand that stereotypes are just that, and not a definitive description of whatever group they 'describe'.

I read your 'I Need Feminism' poem, and I believe that I read it in the way you meant it to be read, portraying most of the statements as a form of sarcasm and a description of what is widely accepted to be okay in society. Forgive me if I misunderstood, but as a female who identifies as non-binary, I sincerely appreciated the fact that someone took the time to write something like that, and I hated the people who commented saying that you were wrong.

This poem, however, is much deeper. It goes beyond one specific area of discrimination/stereotyping, and it brings to light much of the world's problem. We're too busy hating each other to see that not everyone deserves that hate.
otterwillow Featured By Owner Edited Oct 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I really love this poem and the rant is awesome too! La la la la ,

Um, I kinda want a tumbler account for art, and I'm kind of straight, cisgender and white-
and there quite a few artist's I like on there=P (Razz) ,

Will I really have to deal with that level of crazy? I've heard if you put anon asks off it's better and you can block people, but I'm really not sure... Sweating a little...
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