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February 23


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I need feminism because
It’s acceptable to call me a slut.
I need feminism because
It’s okay for a guy to slap my butt.
I need feminism because
It’s my own fault if a man rapes me.
I need feminism because
I should look good for men to see.
I need feminism because
People think it means ‘anti-man’.
I need feminism because
I can’t do things that men can.
I need feminism because
Girls think it’s cool to shame each other.
I need feminism because
The world has higher hopes for my brother.
I need feminism because
My femininity makes me ‘weak’.
I need feminism because
If I act masculine I’m a ‘freak’.
I need feminism because
My boobs are my ‘best quality’.
I need feminism because
I believe in equality.
Please let me know what you think :)

Okay. Woah.

So this has gotten a very diverse reaction, which I think is great; everyone's entitled to an opinion. A few of the comments are a tad aggressive and I kind of feel like I'm being accused of being a man-hating bitch or whatever. I'm sorry if this poem made me come across as such; if so, I'm sincerely sorry. So, I've decided to clear a few things up.

Firstly, know that it's not okay "for a guy to slap my butt". I know that, technically, it's illegal and counts as sexual harassment. However, some people still think it's an okay thing to do. I can testify this as I've been groped a fair few number of times by men I didn't know. One example would would be at a gig I went to, a lot of gigs I've been to, and men thought it was okay to slap/grab my bottom or cop a feel of my boobs. Just because it's illegal, it doesn't mean it doesn't happen, the same goes for drugs - just because their illegal it doesn't mean that people don't take them.

I know that, if I got raped it wouldn't be my fault. However, there is so much victim-blaming going on in the world that it physically sickens me. People saying that the victim was 'asking for it' by wearing skimpy clothes or flirting. At the end of the day, rape is wrong no matter what. If the victim was stood there absolutely naked then she/he still wouldn't be asking for it.  

Feminism is not anti-man. Some people who call themselves feminists might be that way but, personally, I am not. It's not what feminism means. Not at all. Feminism is a faction in the fight for equality for all, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexuality, identity or any other issue. Feminism isn't about women being better than men; it's about all of us being equal. Feminism is an idea, a concept, and that's what it means to me.


I'm kinda sick of this poem, to be honest. Thus I'M NOT GOING TO RESPOND TO ANY MORE COMMENTS ON IT. However, feel free to comment and interact with each other. If you want me to answer something, feel free to note me.
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ShadowofWOPR Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014
I think you need to stop eating up the high-piled crap left by third wave feminists and actually educate yourself.

"It's my own fault when a man rapes me"
Look up "Risk Minimization" you don't sue GM because you chose to drive 120mph without a seatbelt on.

"I can't do things men can"
Look up "Sexual Dimorphism"

"I believe in equality"
Oh so that's why 90% of the prison population is men...  And why genital mutilation against a woman carried $250k fine and 20 years in prison while genital mutilation against a man carries no fine or prison time and is considered a "religious right".
Or you know, how men get thrown into prison just for being accused of rape, but if a woman rapes a man not only did "the man enjoy it so it's not a crime" but now he must also "pay $20,000 in missed child support because your rapist had a child".

Yeah...  "Equality"...  As a male I would LOVE that...
BraveSwordTactitian Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014
If feminism was really about equality, the word masculism would exist.
CaldoRosa Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
DragonsAndCrows Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Student General Artist
Powerful and absolutely wonderful. :)
Nice poem.
HunterStrait Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
"If I act masculine I’m a ‘freak’."

Aren't we all freaks? If you're too afraid to act masculine then don't act masculine at all because it can be tough.
I've been growing up with a deeper voice and more muscle mass, i can hardly get my shoulders through the sleeves of most women's shirts because my shoulders are naturally muscular, so i just wear unisex and mens t-shirts. If you're going to be a masculine woman you have to get used to being called a lesbian and a wanna-be man.
NoctemScriptor Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
In the developed part of the world when it comes to civilization and humanism, fenism movements nowadays enlarge(or even create) the problem of discrimination rather than solving it. When there is virtually no discrimination, by fighting against such a thing is raising an argument for inferiority or superiority instead of accepting the difference and the uniqueness of each genre. I agree that in the past was quite beneficial and now in many countries in the developing world, such a movement is essential as a part of larger humanistic movement against any kind of discrimination.
GrumpyOldRossco Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
Enlarge? Maybe. Create? Definitely. 
How often do you talk with a Feminist and when they are at the tail end of a debate, they suddenly proclaim something like "Well, I don't care what you think, I think I am valuable (or women are valuable)", to which you say, wh...what? I never said women weren't? Or they say something like "I was catcalled at, therefore Patriarchy, therefore Feminism" OK. But if you were catcalled then surely, but any reckoning, that was the fault of the jerk that did catcall, not society or men in general. 
So on and so on the false threat narratives go. Anything to keep women feel like disempowered angry helpless oppressed victims. It is really sick and revolting. I could not disrespect women like that. 
lightbleueyes Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Student General Artist
I don't get why people are saying that women get less money because they work harder than men. That's not true. A woman can work equally or greater than a man and still get less money for it. 
GrumpyOldRossco Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014
Sorry, this is a lie. 
You know this right? 
You know why women on average get less than men on average (average fulltime male earnings vs average fulltime female earnings)?
It is for exactly the same reason that the workplace death and injuries is 95% male and 5% female. Men are paid more on average because they take higher paying jobs than females. Females trade off comfort for less pay and men on average will earn more because they are prepared to take more risk, longer hours, more remote places, more physically demanding work and yes jobs that are likely to kill or injure themselves at 1900% more than a women and YET Feminists want women to earn the same money as the men even after not choosing to work in the jobs in which men get pay more for NOT having those same comforts that women enjoyed. 

This "A woman can work equally or greater than a man and still get less money for it. " Outright lie. You are either spreading Feminist propaganda in which they converted the average male fulltime earnings vs average female fulltime earnings  (fluctuates between 70-80c to every man's dollar : lately 77c is used) magically into 77c in the dollar for a fulltime women in exactly the same job as a fulltime male. 
Two very different things obviously. Either you are simply parroting this in which case, ignorance is no crime but you really ought to find out before you spout things that are a bit sexist and dishonest 


You are just being purposely dishonest and I have caught you out. 

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