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When will the rain stop falling?
When will the reaper stop calling?
Did I do something wrong?
I must have
To suffer for this long.

It's not like I didn't try,
And it's not like you did
But I never got to ask why
I just ran and hid.

'Honesty is the best policy'
That's what they say
But I doubt they know truth at all,
Being who they are today.
If I could, I'd wish it away
But I can't
So I'm alone today;
Meant to die here this way.

Yes, I know it has no real structure. Yes, I know it has no rhythm. Yes, I know it kinda sucks like a whore. But hey-ho; this is what happens when I listen to 'Moonlight Sonata' too many times in a row.

Thank you very much for reading and please let me know what you think! :)
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Perfection273 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Student General Artist
There are no words left.
CorporateRockWhore Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
GreenDeath1998 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
So fucking true. And I think this is Free Verse poetry x
SereneCyrene Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Student General Artist
I think it's well-written!
CorporateRockWhore Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks! :)
Borderlinetortilla Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012
Hi! I haven't commented on anything in a while, which I am terribly sorry about. I thought this poem was excellent. It had a certain raw truth about it that is hard to find in most works. I really enjoyed this and how genuine it is. I liked the lines "'Honesty is the best policy'/ That's what they say/ But I doubt they know truth at all,/ Being who they are today." I interpreted this to mean that, though people stress the importance of honesty, there's so many things that they've been lied to about and so many things that they know that can't be classified as a lie or a truth because things aren't always that simple. Things aren't always so black and white. They are complex and confusing. For example, religion. One may believe in God and another may practice a religion where there are multiple gods and goddesses. There's no way to prove the existence of either, and they can't both be right. There's either one religion or none, and that's what makes it so confusing.  (I'm not insulting any religion or saying someone can't believe. I'm just using an example, and I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions and is allowed to have their own beliefs. Sorry if what I was saying seemed offensive.)
No matter how terrible or unfair that is, those lies is another thing that makes the person themselves. If the truth is important enough, that person wouldn't really be the same person every body has come to call friend, family, or foe because it would change their opinions and views of certain topics, which are really important parts of them. Hope that makes sense! I took the last part of that stanza to mean that the speaker has finally come to accept that they are destined for loneliness. The thing that they'd wish away if they could is the truth, the truth that they will always be alone. They finally realized that they can not just expect their wish of company to come true, and have just (sadly) accepted the fact that they will always be alone and it will always be that way. Even at death. I hope I haven't confused you or annoyed you with this long review! All in all I loves the poem. Brilliant job!! :)
CorporateRockWhore Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Heya! Sorry about taking forever to respond to this lovely comment; family shit and school shit drowned me in one massive shit storm so I've been kinda really busy lately being buried in shit.

Thank you very much! I'm glad you saw the truth in this as that is something that I sincerely aim for with every piece that I write. I like the way you interpreted that section; everyone has been lied to at least once and sometimes lies are what is best for the sake of the greater good, but are they really? I like your religious spin on it; I think it's really interesting and I don't think it's offensive at all.

I always love reading your long, lovely reviews; they really mean a lot to me! :D

lexitaylor670 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
this is good! :)
CorporateRockWhore Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks! :D
lexitaylor670 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
your welcome :)
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